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Collector's Edition: Step back in time with our Collector's Edition, nostalgically crafted to resemble the golden days of gaming. This limited-edition package boasts vibrant cover art on both the front and back, capturing the eerie essence of the game world. Inside, find a sleek USB drive pre-loaded with the "LA Horrors" game, allowing you to own a tangible piece of this thrilling experience.


Game Overview: Dive into "LA Horrors," a spine-chilling jumpscare and survival horror adventure set within the iconic "Slauson Swapmeet" in Los Angeles. As day fades to night, the familiar stalls and corridors twist into a labyrinth of shadows, where dark secrets lurk. Navigate this grid-like maze, with its long, ominous hallways and lurking mannequins, as you uncover the eerie mysteries of what really happens in the swapmeet after dark. Infused with authentic LA culture and inspired by its globally recognized vibes, this game offers a fresh, culturally relevant perspective on the horror genre.

Collector's Edition: LA Horrors Video Game

All games will be delivered by 10-28 in the greater Los Angeles area. Or shipped by 26th of October.
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