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Goku and Krillin offer end-to-end AI game development assistance, enhancing both the creative process and technical execution


Goku acts as an AI-powered Game Design Document (GDD) developer, converting conversational inputs into a live industry standard GDD.

Goku-Landing page.jpg
Goku-Landing page-all Questions.jpg
Goku-Landing page-all Questions-1.jpg


Krillin the AI Co-Pilot plugin for Unreal Engine, links to the live document to guide developers step-by-step, adjusting instructions dynamically as the GDD evolves. It also facilitates a range of automated tasks such as environment setup, asset integration, and code generation, enabling a seamless and interactive development experience.

unrealEngine-plugin Page.jpg
unrealEngine-plugin Page-1.jpg

Our tools are designed to revolutionize the way games are created, making sophisticated game development accessible to all. Due to the innovative nature of our products and ongoing development, we are currently showcasing only a glimpse of their potential.

Interested in learning more and seeing beyond the surface? Connect with us! We’re keen to expand our network of partners and investors to bring these groundbreaking solutions to the wider community. Reach out to explore the full capabilities of our technology and consider joining us on this transformative journey.

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